Hell or High Water (Ethiopia – Light to Medium)

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe  – Blueberry, Lemon, Grape, Cane Sugar 

12 oz bag

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7 reviews for Hell or High Water (Ethiopia – Light to Medium)

  1. Janice

    I have had Cal’s coffee, and it is delicious. It’s some of the best I’ve had….ever!!

  2. Linda

    Bought coffee from Cal at the Aurora Farmers Market. Literally the best coffee I have ever had in my life ! He roasts it here in Naperville for the most abundant flavor. You’ve got to try this if you’ve never had fresh roasted by a local roaster- and I learned Cal is an engineer so every detail in the roasting is monitored. Well worth the investment if you’re a coffee lover!

  3. Charles

    Taste like im in the South American mountains! So smooth and filtered of a taste the coffee itself makes you think someone with a Doctorates in Chemistry had to make it. That blue collar taste to it, yet a scent of upper class aroma makes me a customer for life!


    Gave as gifts to teachers and husband’s office friends. They loved the unique, high quality blends. Excellent gift ideas and they all look forward to getting this again. Very timely arrivals!… and supporting a small business all at the same time.

  5. Alexander

    Fantastic smooth and rich flavor that is a nice break from big coffee companies!

  6. MJTE

    Love it. GREAT taste and aroma and colot.

  7. MJTE

    Delicious aromatic coffee worth every penny

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